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What is the difference between reflow soldering and wave soldering?

What is the difference between reflow soldering and wave soldering?


In pcba processing, two common welding methods are reflow and wave soldering. So what is the role of reflow soldering in pcba processing, what is the role of wave soldering, and where are their differences?

❙ 1. Reflow soldering machine: refers to soldering a solder paste previously coated on a pad by heating to electrically interconnect the leads or solder terminals of the electronic components pre-applied on the pads and the pads on the pcb. The purpose of soldering electronic components to the PCB is achieved. Reflow soldering is generally divided into a preheating zone, a heating zone, and a cooling zone.

Reflow process: printing solder paste>mounting components>reflow soldering>inspection

Reflow Soldering Machine


❙ 2. Wave soldering machine: The pump is used to spray the molten solder into solder peaks, and then the pins of the electronic components to be soldered are passed through the solder peaks to electrically interconnect the electronic components and the pcb board. A wave solder is divided into four parts: spray, preheat, tin furnace, and cooling.

Wave soldering process: plug-in > flux flux > preheating > wave soldering > cut corners > inspection.

Wave soldering machine


❙ 3. The difference between wave soldering and reflow soldering:

(1) Wave soldering is a solder solder forming a solder wave peak to solder a component; reflow soldering is a high temperature hot air forming a reflow soldering solder to solder a component.

(2) During reflow soldering, there is solder on the pcb before the furnace. After soldering, only the solder paste is melted for welding. When wave soldering, there is no solder before the pcb is on the furnace. The solder wave generated by the soldering machine coats the solder. Soldering is done on the pads that need to be soldered.

(3) Reflow soldering is suitable for chip electronic components, and wave soldering is suitable for pin electronic components.


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